Beech Ridge Wind Farm

Aldridge was responsible for the construction of the entire electrical package which included an underground collection system, wiring and grounding of the turbines, 138kV substation and 14 miles of transmission lines.

Aldridge performed a design-build of the substation from the ground up. The scope included the civil work from grading, stoning, foundations and setting of all of the 138kv bus, switches, transformer, and breakers. Aldridge’s responsibility included the purchasing of all components and the pre fab control building. Aldridge set and terminated all of the power and control cabling. Aldridge also performed the design-build for the 18 miles of 138kv transmission line for this project; this included the purchasing of all components for this work.

100 Megawatt Wind Farm: 67 GE 1.5 MW Wind Turbines.